My precious mother passed on May 21, 2015. My last entry about her on Blogger was taken about a year before she passed. There is so much more to the story but this was where we were at, at that time. I sure do miss her and love her. Love my daddy too, he’s no spring chicken, but he’s busier than most youngins’ these days. Mama had Alzheimers, and this link to the blog is just part of the journey.  I love the pictures I posted too, and will probably rewrite and transfer that blog on here at another time. <a href=”


Not the greatest quality picture, but this was my mama at her best. She had the most beautiful smile, graceful hands and ways about her. In her younger days she was a bit of a tomboy, but you sure couldn’t tell in her latter years.  Daddy and Mama grew very close the last few years of her life. I would say they ‘fell in love’ all over again but it was a deep, compassionate love. Daddy would say, after she passed, ” I think I needed her, more than she needed me.”




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        • I have a brother that lives about an hour away. I am about 12-14 hours away driving, but usually I fly, and then Lee drives down to stay a few days and we drive back home to Minnesota. He did remarry a friend of mom and dads who had lost her husband 6 months before mama died. I was prayed and prayed about my dad, because he was so lost, and they began to share their loss together, next thing they are ‘not’ dating, next thing they ‘are’ dating, next thing they aren’t going to get married, next thing they ‘are’ married. I had such a peace about this, she is a little younger than him, about 70, but they both go, go, go. God’s watching out for my daddy…and for Mom Barbara (my step mom). ❤


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