I am an extraordinarily…ordinary woman, mature and aging beautifully as my friend said…”like fine wine.”  Not being a wine drinker, I cannot dispute this nor can I concur.  I am not a polished, educated writer, blogger or journalist. In fact, some will most likely be appalled or left cringing at my lack of proper ‘grammar,’ or even in the way I express myself. To you I say, very gently and kindly…there’s a lot more to life than perfection, grammar or otherwise. Be kind and look at the overall picture and don’t get bogged down in the unimportant details. I write from the heart to preserve and to hold onto what is, what was and what will be. 

The door in this picture was taken at my folks quaint little home in Arkansas. It’s a picture that speaks volumes to me as I contemplate the passage of time. Perhaps it’s being faced by my own immortality as I watch youth fade into the distance and loved ones disappear, that I’ve come to realize how very precious these treasured memories are to me. Though now shadows of what used to be, or what is rapidly changing, they are still very much alive in my heart and spirit and a big part of who I am . My heart is to encapsulate these moments in time as a testament to a fading generation…a legacy of life, love and laughter and all that it entails at least from my perspective.