Family of Origin

Vander H. Atwell and Nonalu ‘Ramey’ Atwell


I made this video on a phone app while visiting my parents for several weeks in the fall of 2014. True love is more than a feeling, it’s a commitment. My parents celebrated 62 years before her untimely death on May 21, 2015. I’ve seen them weather many a storm together and there were times, as with many couples they could have easily given up on each but they persevered. True Love is not always just about romance and good feelings, …it’s about sacrifice, forgiveness , going the extra mile. It’s about loving another more than you love yourself, and putting them first. I’ve seen love in action as my father and mother faced one of the most difficult times in their lives, struggling with Alzheimers. I loved them both so much. Daddy is still very much alive at the writing of this, soon to celebrate his 84th birthday. He is remarried to a lovely lady, but of course, I will always cherish the memories of  ‘them’, together, and of ‘us’, my siblings and I, as ‘our’ family. This will always be how I remember them… even as I learn to embrace the future and it’s changes. Life goes by so quickly… not the best quality, but this song was so perfect, and when I watch and listen to this video, it always brings me close to tears . ❤